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Page 30 | Abby's Magazine - Skin Health Resulting from Chiropractic Care Skin health can be the prime result of an undermining problem coming from your body internally. It's like pu ng creme all over the acne on your face to get rid of the sight of it instead of figuring out how to solve the underlying cause of why you suffer from so much acne. What many people don't understand is that the cremes and lo ons given to heal skin reac ons will only treat the symptom, this will not treat the cause. You may then ask, what is the cause of the irrita on on my skin? Well, this is where the importance of skin health is benefited. Skin is the only organ that human beings can see, most of the me giving us the answer to a health issue coming from the inside of our bodies. Yet, what many are blind to no ce is that normally if you are having a skin reac on (rash, hives, acne), it's the inside of your body screaming for help. Skin health has a lot to do with the choices we make in our everyday lives. The prime importance to the health of your skin is the choices you make for food. Although every body digests food differently, most bodies tend to have intolerances to the same specific foods, mainly being fried food or any food filled with preserva ves. Liver Elimina ng toxins, the liver carries a huge role on the human body. This organ is known as the "detoxifica on center" working around the clock to create a healthy balance in your body. If the liver is mistreated by consuming an excess amount of alcohol, cigare es, or even poor food choices a result of improper func on will come into play. When the body does not receive enough nutrients to spread throughout the body, your body must make a choice to where the nutrients go. Some mes this may result to where many organs don't receive any nutrients at all, which in this case can cause an impaired liver. An impaired liver can come from an excess amount of alcohol and cigare es resul ng in skin reac ons including derma s, rash/ hives, eczema, and/or acne. Digestive System Has it come to your a en on that there is a strong correla on between skin health and your diges ve system? Some may wonder how, some may even think it's crazy to compare an internal organ with an external one. A great example is celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Most individuals who discover their intolerance for gluten realize this due to their skin's irrita on, waving a red flag for them. The irrita on of the skin is a result of the inflamma on in the diges ve system. The lack of diges ve enzymes (proteases that break down protein, lipases that break down fat, and amylases that break down carbs into simple sugars) can lessen the amount of protein and fat your body absorbs causing your skin to dry up resul ng in psoriasis or eczema.

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